Because Racecar (or Mouse Shit) And Other Redneck Work

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Originally posted: 7-2007 thru 8-2007

Got some stuff done today. Disconnected the wires to the antenna motor since that is shot. Now I can use the radio without lighting the motor on fire. Busted out some cassettes…The Cars. Greatest Hits. 1985.

Disconnected the electronics to the hatch lock to prevent further damage to the locking mechanism. Also, got the passenger seatbelt installed (mouse had eaten mostly through the belt). Hatch is a bit more naked now as well. I need to get some rust stop stuff or whatever it’s called.


Because racecar or whatever the saying is…or because mice are assholes. Car smelled like rotting death


Bro, do you even skate? I used to…long ago and sucked. Now that sweet Maple Matchhead deck can prop the hatch open. Lucky risers for the extra IDGAF touch


Disconnected the power locking here to prevent further damaged to the lock. Still working fine as of today (Dec 2012)



Not bad on the rust. Most was from the spare tire (below)




No wonder these didn’t work…Paper 4″ cones don’t hold up well to sun and mice piss


Look at those minty tails!

Then this happened. This is the clutch pawl which adjusts the clutch pedal. The cracked loop below is supposed to hold the adjustment spring and without that, clutch tension goes away and you have no clutch pedal…The T9 isn’t bad to shift clutchless thankfully. Got it home and “fixed” it. At the time of this post (originally fixed below on 7-29-07; posting now on 3-13-13) this is still holding with a new transmission and clutch. I believe this is one of those “haters gonna hate” moments?




Phillips. Head. Wood. Screw. Get some


Clearanced the bore here. Don’t want to be screwing the hard rod that goes through


Epoxy added. Like said above, still holding


Nothing special here, still has the non-working A/C but have a better charging cable added and airbox cleaned up


Some interior work, cleaning poop mostly


Mice made me do it

The car then thanked me for such a redneck fix. Looks the same right?


Oh no…what is this?


Well…there’s your problem right there. My tailpipe decided it wanted to be dragged down the road at 10pm. I stopped, yanked it off the hanger and now it rides around in the hatch.


Shock brace is in at least…



Thankfully this is the worst rust on the car

Give this a listen…wooooooooo sounds like dog shit.

Project: XR4Ti March 13th 2013

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