The Liquid Red Carpet

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Post number one of the G8 story should begin before there was a G8 in my driveway. My first couple of daily drivers were Chevy Cavaliers … though they were not overall champions at most things, they certainly had their talents. Killing deer, specifically, was their number one talent. They always had a way of getting some sort of attention, whether it be good or bad. I guess you can attribute it to having a big attitude in a little car.

My first car was a black 2002 Cavalier LS Sport Coupe, dubbed the ‘Black Assassin’. It sported a 2.2 EcoTec and an automatic transmission. It never really saw very much as far as modifications, just an Eibach Pro-Kit 2″ drop. This particular car earned its nickname when it exterminated a deer while sustaining no damage whatsoever. The Assassin was the first car that I ever took down a drag strip, with a mid-16 second run at New England Dragway.

The Black Assassin met its demise on an icy day in Eastford, where a guy a few hundred feet in front of me slid past his turn, stopped, and put his car into reverse while still in my lane. Which brings us to Part 2 of the story…

After the Black Assassin was unable to back itself out of the other driver’s trunk, it was time to look for a new daily. I found the next Cavalier at Carter Chevrolet in Manchester. This one was a 2002 LS Sport Coupe in white. Same 2.2 EcoTec, same Eibach Pro-Kit drop, same luck with deer. However this was the car that got me addicted to autocross, as seen in the video below. The video is a fun-run with Dylan in the passenger seat, shortly after aquiring my first CARTCT class win at Thompson Speedway.


Cavalier #2 was a great car that took me the rest of the way through college, definitely living through its share of adventures along the way. But finally graduation came, which could mean only one thing – getting myself a graduation present! And thats where Project: G8 begins.

Here it sits, waiting at the dealership.

Upon purchasing the G8 I promised myself I wouldn’t significantly modify it, and that I would be content showing it along with Project: Deja-Bu like in the picture below. But as can be seen in the following posts, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Project: G8 February 25th 2013

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