The Fat, Ugly Cousin

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I found myself in a tough spot when it was time to buy a car. I needed something that was competent off road but at the same time it had to be somewhat fun and different. SVT Raptor was the obvious choice. A few weeks back home and a trip to Ford later quickly changed my mind however, they were asking ridiculous prices and I began to see the sort of people who are driving them here. They are the equivalent to M3 owners; the sort of people who bought the Raptor just to say “I drive a Raptor” when asked. That’s when all roads lead to the Land Cruiser 200. I started researching them and saw the potential. Finally an order was made and I was told to expect delivery in 3-4 months. A few screw ups from the dealer’s end and I ended up with a Pearl White 2013 Land Cruiser 4.7.


It wasn’t too long before I got the itch to get this “Project” started. First things first, a lift was in order. I got an awesome deal on a set of Old Man Emu 2″ Springs and Struts, so I jumped on it.



The plan is to do some work on it over the summer and get more time on the dunes when the weather cools in the fall. More updates will come very soon..

Project: Land Cruiser July 10th 2013